Friday, July 6, 2012

The FACES of a Reader and the VOICES of a Writer

During the last 2 years most of our school has embraced CAFE and The Daily Five.
The CAFE Book: Engaging All Students in Daily Literary Assessment and InstructionThe Daily Five

It was AWESOME last year to get a class that was so knowledgeable and strategy savvy. HOWEVER, I did discover that they were not quite as into my CAFE board as I would have liked. I have a brainstorm that I would like to try in 4-5 at my school this year. I want to rearrange the letters in CAFE to read FACE and then add an S to hit nonfiction text feature, authors tools, etc.

Nancy over at Teaching My Friends posted this picture of her board.
If you head over to her blog she has some really good pictures of her strategies as well.

I really want to try this. As we we switch over to "reading to learn" as opposed to "learning to read" I think this would put some SPARKLE into the program again. (Maybe it will just put sparkle into me, but that will help too!)

While reading Nancy's Teaching My Friends blog I also discovered a perfect companion to the CAFE board. She uses a VOICES of a writer board to record strategies for Writer's Workshop. Why reinvent the wheel, if it works for reading then why not apply it to writing as well. These go very well with 6 Traits or any other writing program.

She has a link on her blog to download PDF's of her headings.

Mrs. I's Class store at Teacher's Notebook has FACES heading posters. They are cute but seem a bit more primary grades so I will probably be making my own. But I wanted to give her credit for the "S" Sense of Print idea.
FACES of a Reader: "S" added for text features and authors tools


  1. I found you through the newbie blog hop. It's always nice to find another fourth grade blog to follow. I look forward to browsing around and seeing what you have to share in the future.

    room 4 imagination

  2. I found you through the newbie Blog Hop. Love your ideas! When you get a chance hop on over to Teise's Tidbits.